About Us

Going Beyond Borders is a non-profit organization committed to provide ongoing relief efforts throughout the world. We are dedicated to educate, feed, and aid those who die needlessly from preventable conditions. Our organization has gone through some transformations over the years and we now support a number of projects.

We have partnered with Ruth Oniang’o, member of Kenya’s 9th Parliament for a project we call Sustain Kenya.  Through the assistance of many both here and in Kenya we have been able to help build a community hospital. In addition the the work on the hospital, we have also collected and distributed soccer uniforms and balls and clothing for women and children. We also purchase sheep and goats for poor smallholder women farms and computers we donate to schools.

Another project we are invested in is supporting the small village of Chunox, Belize. We started 7 years ago by building Dome houses and went back 2 years later to help build a school. This village is one we are dedicated to build, teach and empower to become self sustainable through providing jobs and income sources for the community. We have partnered with wholives.org in adopting their model of a Perpetual Well Fund. A well will be drilled on the school grounds where students can draw clean water each day to take home to their families. We are asking the school families to come up with $500 to put down as a deposit for the well. This money will employ and pay a local well expert to man the well. Each family will pay an extra $1 in tuition each month for 2 years to pay for the well. We are empowering the community and holding them responsible to own this well.

In addition to these global relief efforts, we have completed other local projects to help those in need closer to home. Some of these projects include a UVU scholarship for single moms, donating to the Provo Women’s Shelter, and organizing a charity run for a family in need.

Our goal is to not only provide immediate help in the areas where we give but to build a foundation for those we serve so they can then provide for, build, and serve their own communities.

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him (and his family) for life.”

Get Involved now and make a difference.