Provo Women and Children’s Shelter

This year we have chosen to work with the Provo Women and Children’s Shelter. Because of decreased government funds, they are in desperate need of our help. Many women and children flee their abusive situation and find a safe place at the Provo Women’s Shelter. Because of the seriousness of their circumstance, many leave with only what can fit in their car and sometimes with nothing. 

The shelter has 2 phases:

  1. A safe house where most of the women and children stay for 30 days or less
  2. A transition apartment. This is where qualified women & children may stay for 6 months to a year while getting a job and other means.

How we are helping

We will be providing:

  • A high tech security system with cameras to help keep these women & children safe
  • A play ground for the children to play
  • 28 mattresses & mattress pads
  • Washers, dryers, dish washers, and may other basic needs for the 8 transitional apartments



Mattress Delivery

Here are some pictures from the mattress delivery for the Provo Women and Children’s Shelter.