Sustain Kenya

Hospital Update (VIDEO)

We recently sent two representatives from Going Beyond Borders to Kenya; Jake Neilson, a construction manager and newest member or our board as well as Chris Dortch, a videographer. These two men joined Ruth Oniang’o (former member or Kenya’s 9th parliament and board member) and were able to check on the construction of the hospital. They will be giving us an update at our charity dinner on Sept 27th at 6pm. Please enjoy this video created by Chris Dortch to get an inside look of their trip.


Going Beyond Borders has been asked by Ruth Oniang’o, former member of Kenya’s 9th Parliament, to help Kenya in the following ways:

  • Build a community hospital
  • Purchase sheep and goats for poor smallholder women-run farms
  • Provide baby clothing including receiving blankets for newborn babies
  • Provide clothing in all sizes for children and adults
  • Donate computers for schools
  • Collect funds for cleaning and then transporting the above mentioned items to Kenya once they reach Mombasa, Africa 
  • Donate soccer uniforms
  • Donate soccer balls

We will need financial donations as well as the donation of goods/services.

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Hospital Pictures

We wanted to share some recent pictures we have received of the work going on for the hospital. The site where the hospital is being built has had ant hills. These pictures show the work of men making bricks from the red ant soil. These bricks will go towards construction. – Click through to see the images.

Hospital Update

Update: Ruth Oniang’o came to the USA in December to thank all those who helped raise money to build the hospital in western Kenya. we were able to present her a check and the hospital will be breaking ground within 60 days, by the end of March 2012. We will continue to send over $ and support the building of this hospital. We plan to take a trip with 20+ volunteers to Kenya  just before the hospital is completed to assist in the final stages of building and aid those who are anxiously awaiting the completion of this hospital.